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A Las Vegas Engagement

What Happens in Vegas

Of all the engagements I've ever shot, this one is my favorite because it was for my baby brother.

Laughing in the snow covered mountains at Mount Charleston

We traveled to so many destinations within the Las Vegas area, and you would never imagine that there were so many sites to see: we went up into the cold, snow covered mountains of Mt Charleston, we traveled into the dry lake bed desert, and we did a few personal photos of them sitting at home playing video games on the couch, as that is something that they love to do together to bond as a couple.

They have been together about 5 years or so (I can't really remember, my brother didn't tell us he was dating anyone for a couple of years, because he didn't want us stalking him on Facebook), and Jo is the heart to my brother's stubborn head. I first met Jo when Mike and I were traveling to adopt the boys from China, and she is amazing- a happy person that wants to help everyone she meets feel important and loved.

Most importantly, she makes my brother feel loved and happy, and he doesn't have to pretend to be any other way than how he is, and she loves him because of (or in spite of) his bold and honest personality.

And anyone who meets Jo can't help but love her effervescent smile and inquisitive attitude about life.

I enjoyed finally seeing my brother give me a real smile (OH how I've struggled over the years telling him that his smile was fake!!!), and directing the photoshoot and coming up with ideas for each location. This are just a few of my favorite shots from their engagement, and I cannot WAIT to photograph the wedding next year!!!

Jo and Josh kissing in a string lit street lane

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