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Sunday in the Park with Princesses

A downtown photoshoot for "Enchant My Party" of some very special princesses and their tiny counterparts.

Local party planners, Enchant My Party, asked for my help with their newest ad campaign: "Dream Big, Princess", and they had 3 littles represented for 3 of their more well known princesses. The little models are Lucca, Annelise, and Maryn. I have known all three since they were born, and I am especially close with the little Snow White because... well, I'm her mom. So this was a special photoshoot for me.

Snow White and Lucca

Cinderella and Maryn

"...(she) went far beyond what we could have ever hoped for!!! The children were BLOWN AWAY by her performance- there was no doubt to them that she was the real deal as ... Cinderella."

Sleeping Beauty and Annelise.

Taking photos of children is always so much fun and completely unpredictable. We had some ideas for shots that we wanted, but the final result was much more magical than any of us had envisioned. It was helpful that we arrived before the sun was too far overhead (happily, in January, the sun is still not at it's peak at noon, and these photos were shot around 11am). The park wasn't too busy, and the glow of sunlight in the branches behind the princesses makes for a very ethereal looking atmosphere, very unlike the park looks in real life.

Get Enchanted

To book your own princess party, head over to Enchant My Party and pick the princess (or prince!) that you want. They even have pool parties with mermaids, if you want a little H2O with your party.

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