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A Very Zaller Halloween 2017

Our family dressed up as characters from Harry Potter against a tree background.

Every year we try to do a themed Halloween costume. I've always loved Halloween, and very much lamented when I grew up and noticed other adults didn't like it or only wanted to celebrate it by being some sexy version of a cat or something uncreative like that.

This Halloween was possibly my absolute favorite we have done so far.

I sewed up 2 robes for my girls (one wanted to be in Slytherin House, the other wanted to be Susan Bones from Hufflepuff House), ordered a Harry Potter top for Hayden, got him some glasses and taped a cinnamon broomstick to his cane, then to top it off he brought his snowy owl toy. Kai wore a bald cap and pointy ears and went as Dobby the House Elf (his favorite character). Mike padded his shirt with a pillow, donned a trench coat, and wore a wig and unruly beard to become Hagrid, and I wore a long gray beard and hair with spectacles and a cape to become Dumbledore.

We even carved a pumpkin with the shape of a snitch flying through the air.

We are so proud of this costume ensemble, but I have no idea how we will top it next year. I'm just going to assume we WON'T top it, that way I don't get disappointed.

#Children #Halloween

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