What Happens in Vegas

Of all the engagements I've ever shot, this one is my favorite because it was for my baby brother.

We traveled to so many destinations within the Las Vegas area, and you would never imagine that there were so many sites to see: we went up into the cold, snow covered mountains of Mt Charleston, we traveled into the dry lake bed desert, and we did a few personal photos of them sitting at home playing video ga...


A downtown photoshoot for "Enchant My Party" of some very special princesses and their tiny counterparts.

Local party planners, Enchant My Party, asked for my help with their newest ad campaign: "Dream Big, Princess", and they had 3 littles represented for 3 of their more well known princesses. The little models are Lucca, Annelise, and Maryn. I have known all three since they were born, and I am especially close with the littl...


A reflection on becoming a mom of 4 two years later.

Two years. It's a second, and it's a lifetime when you have kids. Two years with my boys means that one of them has now been with us longer than he lived in China. Two years of being regular siblings, having regular fights, and having regular tickle fights in the house.

Two years ago, I couldn't picture today. And, if I had tried, it wouldn't have looked like it does. My kids...


Every year we try to do a themed Halloween costume. I've always loved Halloween, and very much lamented when I grew up and noticed other adults didn't like it or only wanted to celebrate it by being some sexy version of a cat or something uncreative like that. 

This Halloween was possibly my absolute favorite we have done so far.

I sewed up 2 robes for my girls (one wanted to be in Slytherin House, the other wanted to be Susan...


I have yet to update individual headshot pages here on my new site, so- for now- here is a sampling of some of my portraits. 


For the second time, I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Nicole Cohen who is not only a doctor, but also own and designs artwork for her side business, The Savannah Bag Company. These bags are SO adorable, and customizable. Her biggest clients are wedding parties looking for wedding gifts, or bridal parties. While I was there, I got to meet her husband and two precious babies, further garnering my admiration for t...


 Real estate and design interiors are a relatively new thing to my portfolio, but I was flattered when SK Pardue asked if I'd photograph one of their interiors for their publicity photos. I really love the use of neutrals against bright jewel tones, and the textures she mixes into the bedroom designs. Take note of all of the metallic accents that you'll see interspersed through the space. And visit SK Pardue onl...


Turner has once again been cast in a national tour! A year ago, he was on the road with Newsies, and this year, he's just been cast in Finding Neverland! So proud to photograph this gorgeous boy's headshots year after year. This time it was at his home here in Savannah. 


We try very hard to visit Amarillo every year, but we missed it for 2015, so we made a special trip to visit this year in 2016. Being around the Williams family always feels like home. Doing an off the cuff, relaxed session like this is so much fun. The pillow fight photos we tried didn't quite work out (the kids were scared of the pillows!), but we got some sweet moments with baby girl and the baby cat. 


Chance and Katelyn had a vision for exactly what they wanted, which is nice for me, since I get to follow their lead. Their idea was to do a few indoor shots, that were intimate, and then head out to the Historic Wormsloe Plantation and get photos by the marsh. It was so hot, but they were having so much fun, you can't even tell in the photos. What a lovely couple! So excited to shoot the wedding. :) 

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